Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The End

Everything that starts as to come to an end! After a couple months? A year, of coming and going, i loose the interest on this avatar, on the drama, on too much tps, too much ims, too big inventory to fully rezz!!! So i moved!!!! And even feeling bad for leaving such an awesome project as this was in time, the true is that it doesn't work anymore!!!! Thank you for all the support!! Was GREAT!!!

If you wanna keep updated follow these!!!

For events, hunts, goodies, sales: http://seraphimsl.com/

For keeping updated with some fresh news and releases: http://jillnarstrom.wordpress.com/

If you like to enjoy some naughty pixels full of art: http://sexfashionandrocknroll.wordpress.com/

I will leave all the past work on!! Xoxo Ju <3

Friday, November 4, 2011

224/365 [Have You Said Dailly]

I didn't but we can allways try..It's not a promise tho.


Skin - .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Warmth - Winter

Shape - Le*Se- BonBon - NEW

Hair -
Maitreya - Joy - Red

Shirt - *BOOM* Essential T 4pack femme (tar)

Dress - *L.inc* Sinken Dress Black

Collar - [CERES] Tribus - Oxidized Silver

Leggins - *Fishy Strawberry* Sequins Leggins - Black

Boots - :Kookie: Gabilo - Black

Cya Soon
Ju <3

Thursday, November 3, 2011

223/365 [Dion]


Skin - -Sorry.Asia- ALAN (Rock.Star) Perfect Wardrobe Exclusive

Shape - Le*Se - Dion - Just Released

Hair - Dura-Boy19

Sweater - *ARAI* V neck knit_gray

Shirt - "NINIKOBOY"BIG SHIRTS(stripe-white)

Pants -
Maitreya BF Jeans - #07

Sneakers - Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake

Okisss..So Le-Se just released this new shape and i decided to transgender to blog about it. :D Don't kill meh..


222/365 [I'm alive]


Skin - .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Warmth - Winter

Shape - Le*Se- BonBon - NEW

Hair - ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea - (daam cute hair, i'm in love)

Shirt -
*ARAI* V neck knit_black

Pants - *L.inc* - Tyra Lowrise Jeans Skinny Washed Black

Belt - :sey RJK2 Studded belt=black=

Boots - [Gos] [Docs V2] 8-Hole - F - BLACK

Place - Nordari

Ah almost forgot. I want to share two blogs i found very interesting and that provide good info, and i added them on the blogroll and you can check them allways you want. One of them is Seraphim, a blog that shows you events happening on sl and what you can get there, it's like a showcase on one place of everything you can find on 50L Friday, Project Themeory, GSP, Perfect Wardrobe, Tdr's, Lazy Sunday, etc etc..All the events you can imagine are covered by them, plus they let you know about sales, hunts, i think that is just priceless to have all this on one place. The other one is Blogging Second Life, and there you can find a huge list of blogs sorted by theme. Have you ever wanted to look something and feel like you are lost? I think this blog will be very helpfull :D

LY <3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

221/365 [It's been a while]

Haai there! Yeah, it's been a while! But there you go:

So, I'm wearing:

Skin - FRUK Lennon Skin - Hollywoodian brown T3 (NEW!)

Beard - [FAKE] :: Stubble :: Black (NEW! and Coming Soon!)

Eyes - NANUK li eyes blue

Shirt - *FIR & MNA* The Morgan Suit Shirt White (NEW!)

Vest - [YU] - Roylan Vest Khaki

Jacket - *FIR & MNA* The Morisson Jacket Khaki (NEW!)

Pants - *FIR & MNA* The Sheehy Pants Khaki (NEW!)

Hair - **Dura-Boy**27(Dark Brown) (NEW!)

Bowtie - *FIR & MNA* The Grafton Bowtie Striped (NEW!)

Shoes - *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogue Beige

A couple of notes, to those that actually read the whole post (lol):

FRUK's new Lennon skin makes me look pretty damn handsome and gives me that really cool look! It's made by Chucky Hollak and Freddy Krimmer and they are already well known for their HQ shapes, so this is just another prove of their outstanding talent to make guys look amazing! Must give it a try!

- [FAKE] is a store that is going to open soon and it will sell mostly appearance stuff, as female and male skins, make ups for her and beards for him. Sooooon!

- There is a whole new Fall (or Autumn, whatever lol) collection from *FIR & MNA*! Shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, cardigans, sweaters and even suits! Everything to make your av look cool and cozy be warm at the same time! Go!

- I gave you the marketplace for [YU] store because the In-World store is closed now and that is the only way to get the awesome things made by Trevor Turner.

- I really, really like this new hair made by Dura because it's messy and it kinda gives me that look 'i don't give a damn about my hair'! Looks cool. Gotta check it!

I'm done here!
See ya next time,


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

220/365 [Ema]

Hey guys! Mushie's brand new skin is OUT!

Skin - Mushie - Emma
Hair - Lelutka

219/365 [Beachy Days]

Style Card:

Skin - -Sorry.Asia- Kyle

Beard - Nanuk and Antebellum

Eyes - Nanuk li blue

Tattoo - Para Designs

Shirt - *VERVE*  for the MENS24

Shorts - *Connors*  for the MENS24

Hair - [taketomi]_Hans_Brown5